Recycling at Maratá Embalagens [Maratá Packaging]

The main raw material used at Maratá Embalagens is the LDPE (low density polyethylene), which is usually blended with LLDPE (linear low density polyethylene) and to the HDPE (high density polyethylene). These mixtures are efficient for its gloss, transparency, strength and impermeability features that are ideal for film and technical coils production for food packaging, industrial bags, different bags and sacks etc.

During the manufacturing process, several factors are responsible for some wastes [losses]. These wastes are also called scraps or burrs, and may be classified as post-industrial disposal. Disposals from the production process are recycled in the company through a process that is classified as Mechanical Recycling - as it consists in converting post-industrial plastic back into granules that will be reused in the process, turning them again into bags, canvas, garbage bags or other products, except those which will have direct contact with food.

Recycling Process


In the recycling process, the first step is the separation of the different types of plastics, or of different structures of the films, transparent material from those pigmented, clear material from those printed, all must be recovered separately in order to enable an effective reuse, since recycling, in addition to contributing to the production cost reduction, is directly combined with sustainability and preservation of the environment.

Recycling at Maratá Copos [Maratá Cups]


Maratá Copos has a production line for disposable plastic products, and about 95% of their scraps are reprocessed.  

During the production process, the scraps generated are taken to the Recycling Sector, which in turn starts the grinding process through the mills. After grinding, they are sent to the Extrusion storage silos that is then distributed in the structure of the components as semi-elaborated item and therefore, reprocessed.



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