Fundação José Augusto Vieira [José Augusto Vieira Foundation]

Founded in November 1993, the FUNDAÇÃO JOSÉ AUGUSTO VIEIRA is a non-profit organization supported by The Maratá Group, aiming to provide and assist children and adolescents, offering free pre-school, elementary school and training courses intended for generating employment and income.

Projects developed by the institution

Continuing Education Week

“Caia na Folia e Mostre a sua Alegria” Project [Go Partying and Show your Joy]

“Construtores do Saber” Project [Builders of Knowledge]

“Páscoa, Resurreição de Jesus Cristo” Project [Easter, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ]

“Mãe, Mulher Cheia de Graças” Project [Mother, a Woman Full of Grace]

“Festejos Juninos Nossas Tradições” Project [Month of June Celebrations: Our Traditions]

Gincana do Dia do Estudante [Student Day Scavenger Hunt]

“Pai, meu heroi” Project [My Dad, My Hero]

“Folclore, Sabedoria Popular” Project [Folklore, a Popular Wisdom]

“Pátria Amada, És tu Brasil” [Beloved homeland, art thou, Brazil]

Internal Games

VIII Cultural Exhibition: Literature Essay: From Text to the Context

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Escola Nossa Senhora das Graças [Our Lady of Grace Scho0l]

The Escola Nossa Senhora das Graças, which is inspired by the principles of freedom and the ideals of human solidarity, opposes to any form of prejudice or discrimination, complements the family and community action, offers philanthropic educational and social services, with the participation of family and the community, aiming at a better quality of life.

Projects developed by the Institution:

“Dicas de Saúde” Project [Health Tips]

“O Sorriso é um Cartão Postal” Project [Smile is a Postcard]

“Uma Ajuda a Mais” Program [An Additional Help]

Family / School / Community Integration Program

“A Escola incentivando a Mulher a Cuidar do seu Corpo” Project [The School Encouraging Women to Take Care of Their Body]

Music project

Escola Nossa Senhora das Graças and Colégio José Augusto Vieira Integration Project


Escola José Augusto Vieira [José Augusto Vieira High School]

Founded in 2007 in the town of Estância (SE), the ESCOLA JOSÉ AUGUSTO VIEIRA aims to extend the projects and services offered by Fundação José Augusto Vieira and provide the regional community with pre-school and fundamental education to children.


Colégio José Augusto Vieira [José Agusto Vieira High School]

The high school has the Faculdade José Vieira Augusto infrastructure to offer a secondary education of quality to the population. It provides students with access to the library, internet and qualified staff in order to become a reference of secondary education in the region.

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