Tobacco and livestock husbandry, economic activities that are booming.

In the 60s, the predominant economic activities in the city of Lagarto (SE) were tobacco cultivation and manufacturing and livestock husbandry. With an innovative vision, José Augusto started in the business world selling grounded tobacco-rope, encouraging small and medium farmers to grow tobacco, assuring the acquisition of their crop.

The success of the Fumo Saci [Saci Tobacco].

As tobacco trade was growing, the entrepreneur José Augusto creates the Company J. Vieira – Indústrias de Fumo Saci Ltda, which contributed to the expansion of tobacco trading for the entire Northeast region. This way, he created his own brand, the Fumo Saci, with operation in the market to nowadays.

Indústria de Torrefação e Moagem de Café Maratá [Maratá Coffee Roasting and Grinding Industry].

Aiming at new horizons for business, the entrepreneur José Augusto enters the food sector through the acquisition of the Indústria de Torrefação e Moagem de Café Maratá, continuing the Café Maratá production that is on the market since 1962.

Release of Fumo Maratá [Maratá Tobacco]

Broadening his horizons by the State, an important milestone was the opening of an affiliate of the Indústria de Torrefação e Moagem de Café Maratá, known as Fumo Maratá, enlarging the manufacture to different types of tobacco and its byproducts in an increasing production scale.

New business, printed plastic bag.

The entrepreneur José Augusto Vieira joins another new sector of the market: that of printed plastic packaging, and this way expanding his business, operating in the supermarkets, bakeries and packaging for tobacco, among others.

Opening of the Agropecuária Maratá and the Comercial Maratá.

With a keen vision for the development of new businesses, José Augusto creates the Empresa Agropecuária Maratá for beef cattle raising, in addition to the opening of the Comercial Maratá, which serves the retailing market of general building materials.

Opening of the Fundação José Augusto Vieira.

Social projects have always been in the Vieira’s family agenda. So the Fundação José Augusto Vieira was opened, through the Escola Nossa Senhora das Graças, and it offers basic education and other social projects, aiming at the student comprehensive development, and assuring them an imperative qualification to exercise their citizenship, and providing them conditions to progress to later studies.

Success in the printed and flexible packaging sector.

With the business progress in the printed and flexible plastic packaging sector, the entrepreneur opens other industry, the Maratá Indústrias de Embalagens, with the purpose of expanding the production through the manufacture of products of different measures and shapes (sacks, coil, bags) - transparent, pigmented, clear and printed - with several raw materials.

Success in the disposable material industry.

José Augusto Vieira is constantly expanding his interests. He enters the disposable material sector, opening of the Empresa Maratá Indústria de Copos, producing pots, cups, plates and covers. Another interesting target of the Group was achieved: the beverage industry. Maratá Indústria de Aguardentes was founded through the sugar cane grinding process. Later, he expanded its production line, producing wine and whiskey.

Growth beyond the State of Sergipe lands. Export and Maratá Café.

The Maratá brand becomes an international success with the Empresa Maratá Sucos do Nordeste Ltda, a processing industry of juices and pulp concentrates, supplying and exporting raw material for bottlers and other companies that operate with food, which use fruit juice as a basis for their products. Link: www.maratasucos.com
By the Café Maratá primary growth activity, the Indústrias Alimentícias Maratá is founded, initiating the construction of the new industrial complex in the city of Itaporanga D’Ajuda (SE). The Group expands the business beyond the borders of Sergipe, starting its activities in the neighboring lands, with the founding of the Citricultura Maratá Ltda in the municipality of Rio Real, Bahia.

Café Maratá. Improving Lives!

Located in the Itaporanga D’Ajuda (SE), the Café Maratá – Indústrias Alimentícias Maratá Ltda industrial complex is opened, enabling the improvement in the local population quality of life, by generating jobs and income. The start of the new plant activities provided an increase in the coffee production capacity, as well as an increase in the entire Maratá line of products.

Faculdade José Augusto Vieira. Opportunity available to everyone.

The Faculdade José Augusto Vieira – FJAV is founded, which is part of the educational expansion project of the Fundação José Augusto Vieira, providing higher education of quality and opportunities in the labor market.

Expanding the international business!

In order to meet market demand, an affiliate of the Maratá Sucos do Nordeste is opened in the city of Lagarto (SE). Then, product lines under the Tetra Pak standard were developed. In addition, the Armazém Geral Maratá was founded, a storage complex in the city of Vitória da Conquista (BA) to supply the export trade and import of raw coffee beans.
Opening of the Colégio José Augusto Vieira, offering the city of Lagarto and surrounding communities, an education based on quality, ethics and competence, covering the primary and secondary level courses Link: www.cjav.com.br

Changing courses! From education to production of new products.

Aiming the extension of Fundação José Augusto Vieira’s social projects, the Escola José Augusto Vieira is opened in the city of Estância (SE), providing basic education (up to the 5th grade). Before a change of production lines, the aguardente [a Brazilian destilled spirit] produced by the Group was replaced by the line of sauces in general (pepper sauce, vinegar, among others), changing the corporate name of Maratá Indústria de Aguardente to I.V.L. – Indústria Vieira LTDA, in addition to the establishment of an affiliate, located in the the Cidade Nova neighborhood, in the municipality of Lagarto, Sergipe.

Construction of the Complexo Industrial JAV.

Construction of the new enterprise of the Maratá Group in the Municipality of Lagarto (SE) for the facilities of the Empresa JAV – Indústria de Alimentos, which will produce the entire line of corn byproducts such as flocão [large flakes], floquinho [small flakes], porridge, snacks, spices and ‘farinha láctea’[flour cereal].

JAV – Indústria de Alimentos.

The new company of Maratá Group, the JAV - Indústrias de Alimentos provided an increase in the number of products offered by the Group, such as corn flakes, corn meal and corn flour, corn porridge, flour cereal, cake mixes, seasonings, snacks, instant noodles, among other products from corn. 



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